Apple EFI Password Removal

Mac, Imac, Macbook Pro Apple EFI Password Removal Service


Macbook Air is now supported

This service is for the removal of EFI password or 4 or 6 digit pin on the 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 year models
The following machines are supported

iMac 21″ A1311

 iMac 27″

Macbook Pro 17″ A1297
Macbook Pro 15″ A1286
Macbook Pro 13″ A1278

MacBook Pro 13″ A1425 with retina display

Macbook Pro 15″ A1398 with Retina display

imac mini

Our price includes fresh install of osx..please note you will lose any information on the hard drive once passwords are cleared.

Please note some SSD can be locked too, only way to know is to clear efi from logic board first, if SSD is not locked then we will perform full erase and install OS, however if is locked then you will be advised ,wether you choose to replace the SSD, or we can unlock it for a small charge of £25 as extra work will be involved, the cost of the unlock of logic board will still be payable ,as once efi is cleared you will have full access to boot options

Payment can be made on collection of item once work is completed and satisfied

Enquiries are welcome

Please note this is the only genuine unlock service available in uk, the old methods with ram change does not work on new machines, however you can try, if you have an older model than early 2010 the ram trick might  work for you ,if you need instructions you can message us we will give you instructions or you can google the procedure

You can post items out to us or bring your unit to us ,please make sure they are well padded and protected and use a courier service that provides tracking and insurance, once we recieve the item we will do the work and post out same day EFI/ICloud Password is removed.

If posting macbooks to us please make a note of you’re serial number and keep it safe, also when you make a payment provide us with the serial number, any reference numbers, contact number and return address

we are based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Please DO NOT under any circumstances remove any chips off the logic board as we found some customers have, to find a quick cheap fix as stated on the internet as you will fry the logic board and you will find this a costly repair



Q:  Will this unlock service remove all passwods including iCloud locked machines?

A: Yes ,once efi is cleared all stored passwords are cleared, after a fresh install you can log into iCloud without problem

Q: Can i send just logic board by post?

A : As much as we prefer customer to bring the unit to us, however if you are tecnically minded, and have experience in dissassembling the units, then you are welcome to post out the logic board to us, we will unlock and post out same day via royal mail special next day delivery. we will not accept any damage caused to the logic board while in post, so please make sure it is well padded and boxed, we will return the item to you in the same box and padding, and you will be charged return postage.

Q: Once unlocked will it lock again?

A: No ,once the unit is unlocked it will be for life.

Q: Will this service void my warranty?

A: NO this unlock service won’t void apple warranty.

Q: Do you replace chips on the logic board?

A: NO, we dont tamper with any components as that voids warranty, we simply reprogram the Efi chips in circuit using expensive ISP programming equipment.

We are the only people in the UK to offer a full refund on postage costs should the process of removing fail. There is currently a 80% success rate on the removal of the Apple EFI password removal process.

Please see the photos below and if you experiance one of them we can resolve the issue.

Apple EFI Password Removal


Contact us today and we can book a collection and deliver it back to you within a few days. Money back if password is not wiped.